We believe that investing should be simple. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their financial goals - no matter how big or small.

Three Steps to Get Started

  1. Choose your investment trust. What you opt for will depend on your goals, risk profile and preferences.
  2. Buy shares in the investment trust. Simply select a share dealing platform or speak to a stockbroker to get set up. Choose your account type; for example, a Self Invested Personal Pension, an Individual Saving Account or a Junior Individual Saving Account. You can either contribute a single lump sum or set up regular monthly payments.
  3. Stay informed. Our website makes it easy for you to check the dividend yield and share price performance of your selected investment trust. You can also subscribe to receive email updates from our fund managers.


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SIPP ISA Junior ISA Regular monthly investing Dividend
Dealing charges Custody charge
AJ Bell Logo
Y Y Y £1.50 £1.50 £9.95 a deal, reducing to £4.95 if there were 10 or more deals in the previous month. 0.25% platform charge for non-fund investment (capped at £42 for general investment account/ISA and £120 for pension).
Barclays Logo
Y Y N £1 N/A £6.00 0.10% platform charge. Minimum of £48 pa and maximum of £1,500 pa. Collected monthly.
Charles Stanley Logo
Y Y Y No discount N/A £11.50 There is a charge of 0.35% for investment company investment with a minimum of £24 and maximum of £240 per year. This is waived if you trade in the month. 
Halifax Logo
Y Y N £2.00 2% (max £12.50) £9.50 online £36 per year charge for ISA or share dealing account.
Hargreaves Lansdown Logo
Y Y Y £1.50 1% (min £1, max £10) £11.95 a trade reducing to £8.95 if there were 10-19 trades in the previous month, reducing further to £5.95 if there were more than 20 trades. 0.45% pa for investment companies (capped at £45 for ISA and £200 for SIPP with no charge for general investment account.)
Interactive Investor Logo
Y Y Y No charge 99p Investor plan - £7.99
Super Investor plan - £3.99
Pension Builder plan - £7.99
Investor Essentials plan - £4.99 a month (available for pots under £30,000)
Investor plan - £9.99 a month with one free trade per month
Super Investor plan - £19.99 a month with two free trades per month

(Source: AIC, as of 08/02/2023) Investing in all types of shares is risky. Make sure you are comfortable with these risks and understand that you may not get back all the money you invest.

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