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Quick view: The art of the deal
Quick Views Brexit

Quick view: The art of the deal

Paul O’Connor, Head of the UK-based Multi-Asset Team, casts a wary eye over the latest push to get a Brexit agreement over the line.

Labour market watch: negative UK data

Labour market watch: negative UK data

Slack is opening up in the UK labour market, strengthening the case for a rate cut regardless of Brexit developments.

The measure of medical innovation

The measure of medical innovation

Medical science is entering an exciting phase, but investors need to evaluate each opportunity carefully, says Andy Acker, Portfolio Manager of Global Life Sciences Team. Andy and his team have plenty of healthcare themes to pursue, many of which are already yielding results not just for investors, but also for the health of people across the world.


Multi-Asset Core Income

Expertly Mixed

Multi-Asset Core Income is a range of actively managed, lower cost, risk-targeted, income-seeking funds. The managers expertly mix assets from across the global market spectrum, aiming to diversify sources of income and returns.


Absolute Return Income Fund

A strategy that seeks positive returns above cash by investing primarily in fixed income securities and associated derivatives

Core 5 Income Fund

A diversified blend of asset classes that provides a monthly natural income within a risk target of 5.

Henderson International Income Trust

Specifically designed as a complementary diversifier for UK income-driven investors with a global income mandate excluding the UK.

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