Sustainable Equity

Investing in the present for our future

Sustainability is at the forefront of change across the globe

Increased climate-related events and demand for resources mean that change is being shaped with sustainability in mind. These global challenges, and increased appetite to do things differently, make innovation and sustainable development more important than ever before.

The opportunity for investors

Three generational trends impacting every sector of the global economy.


Businesses and processes are rapidly shifting from analogue to digital with the aim of improving efficiencies. To facilitate this, three of the largest chip manufacturers in the world have pledged to build more than $300 billion of new capacity in coming years. Businesses in every sector will be impacted by digitalisation – for example through artificial intelligence.

Source: ASML Small Talk presentation, as at 11 November 2022

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Electrification is key to decoupling fossil fuels from the global economy. Renewables are set to account for over 90% of global electricity capacity expansion by 2028 to enable future technologies which are increasingly being powered by electricity.

Source: International Energy Agency (IEA), as at 6 December 2022

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The transition to a low carbon economy will impact all sectors, both positively and negatively. The world is set to add as much renewable power in the next 5 years as it did in the past 20 years, offering huge opportunities for investors. On the flip side, with up to £5 trillion of MSCI World market capitalisation at risk of being disrupted, it is important to stay on the right side of this transition.

Source:, Renewable power’s growth is being turbocharged as countries seek to strengthen energy security, December 2022. Bloomberg.

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Over 30 years of sustainability expertise

The Global Sustainable Equity team seeks to invest in companies that contribute to the development of a more sustainable global economy through their revenue alignment with ten environmental and social themes. Our low-carbon investment approach aims to deliver compounding growth and attractive investment returns.

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Global Sustainable Equity Fund

Aims to provide clients with a persistent return source, deliver future compound growth, and help mitigate downside risk by investing in companies that we believe contribute to the development of a more sustainable global economy.


US Sustainable Equity Fund

High-conviction portfolio of US companies selected for their potential to deliver compounding growth and their ability to contribute to the development of a more sustainable global economy.

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How do I use sustainability strategies in my portfolio?

An allocation to technology has the potential to increase the upside potential of a portfolio.

Matthew Bullock
EMEA Head of Portfolio Construction and Strategy

Why invest in global sustainable equities with Janus Henderson?

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Highly experienced, interdisciplinary team

More than 30 years of sustainable investing experience and innovative thought leadership.

Technology Experts Scales

Thematic revenue alignment

Investing in companies that we believe contribute to the development of a more sustainable global economy, through their revenue alignment with ten environmental and social themes.

Striving for excellence in client reporting

Committed to provide our clients with high standards of engagement, transparency and measurement.

Meet the team

Thematics – Sustainable Equity

Hamish Chamberlayne, CFA

Head of Global Sustainable Equities | Portfolio Manager

Thematics – Sustainable Equity

Aaron Scully, CFA

Portfolio Manager

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