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Quick view: UK prorogation fever

Quick view: UK prorogation fever

Oliver Blackbourn, a portfolio manager on the UK-based Multi-Asset team, discusses the abrupt escalation in hostilities between the UK Parliament and a bellicose Prime Minister. After continually refusing to rule out suspending the UK Parliament – known as prorogation, Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson has now done so, using an administrative process by asking the Queen

Trust TV: Growth and income

Trust TV: Growth and income

Trust TV is an exclusive webinar series that gives you the chance to quiz fund managers live and glean insights about their investment process and their thoughts on today’s investment landscape. Trust TV returns on 16th September with the portfolio managers of Henderson Diversified Income Trust and TR European Growth Trust. Tune in at 1.30pm

Quick view: Chinese yuan depreciates to critical level against the US dollar
Quick Views China

Quick view: Chinese yuan depreciates to critical level against the US dollar

​Charlie Awdry, China portfolio manager, provides his views on the central bank’s symbolic move to allow the yuan to weaken below 7.0 against the US dollar and its significance for investors.


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Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF

A "bricks and mortar" fund with a long track record that seeks to offer regular income and diversification from a high-quality portfolio of UK commercial property.

Henderson International Income Trust plc

Specifically designed as a complementary diversifier for UK income-driven investors with a global income mandate excluding the UK

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Since 1888 the Trust has sought income and capital growth for shareholders with a globally diversified portfolio

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