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Our views on global market dynamics, themes and trends shaping today’s investment landscape.
Specifically designed as a complementary diversifier for UK income-driven investors with a global income mandate excluding the UK
A growth and income trust with a diversified portfolio of mainly UK equities and a strong dividend track record
Seeking growth, quality and consistency from a selection of 35 to 55 European companies (ex UK) and an emphasis on total return
An income-focused Trust that invests across Asia Pacific with the target of delivering income growth
A Trust providing investors with a high dividend income stream while also maintaining the prospect of capital growth
A flexible, capital growth-focused UK portfolio that aims to identify the best opportunities across the breadth of the UK market
Since 1888 the Trust has sought income and capital growth for shareholders with a globally diversified portfolio
Renowned for its record-setting annual dividend increases since 1966, the Trust targets long-term income and capital growth
A focused investment trust of between 35 and 45 companies from Europe with an emphasis on maximising total returns
Consistent outperformer against benchmark and large-cap rivals, the Trust seeks capital growth through medium and small UK companies
Providing unique access to Europe’s growing small- and medium-sized companies with the sole aim of increasing shareholder capital
A long-term fixed income fund that takes a thematic investing approach to providing an income stream for shareholders