Investing in the real estate of tomorrow

Real estate is a continuously evolving asset class with structural trends creating opportunities in parts of the market and challenges in others.

Increasingly sophisticated technology, rapid urbanisation and shifts in demographics have fundamentally changed consumer behaviours and altered the needs and uses for real estate. This evolution gives rise to opportunities for investors to benefit from the ongoing divergence across property types, underpinning the need for an active and selective investment approach.

Powerful long-term themes shaping the sector

Rapid development of AI and rising mobile data consumption are fuelling demand for more data storage, higher computing power and cloud infrastructure, which is translating into pricing power for data centres and cell towers. The Global DataSphere* is expected to more than double in size from 2022 to 2026 according to IDC.

* The Global DataSphere is a measure of how much data is created, captured, replicated and consumed each year. IDC = International Data Corporation

A differentiated approach to property investing

The Global Property Equities Team seeks to actively identify the real estate securities driving the future of the sector, without bias toward style, property type or market capitalisation. Our emphasis on local property market knowledge combined with a repeatable, disciplined investment process aims to pinpoint property companies and sectors that offer the best long-term growth potential.

Our funds are designed to:


Provide an accessible means for investors to diversify into real estate


Offer income and growth opportunities


Benefit from powerful long-term themes

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Actively managed, high-conviction fund focused on the managers’ best ideas in listed property stocks and REITs, and aiming to deliver long-term capital appreciation.

Actively managed, high-conviction fund focused on the managers’ best ideas in listed property stocks and REITs aiming to deliver both income and growth.

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How do I use property in my portfolio?

first aid Allocating to properties would result in an increase to the portfolio’s overall recurrent income, accompanied by higher sensitivity to rates and the market cycle, something that we advocate should be monitored constantly.

— Mario Aguilar,
Senior Portfolio Strategist

Why invest in property with Janus Henderson?

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True active

We take a more active approach than many property equities managers, with an active share typically greater than 70%*

*Source: Janus Henderson. Based on our Global Property Equities Strategy.

Global team,
local expertise

Team of property experts on the ground in Europe, Asia and North America, leveraging local insights and industry relationships.


Focused on opportunities across the asset class including alternative uses of property and non-benchmark sectors

Meet the team

Guy Barnard, CFA
Co-Head of Global Property Equities

Portfolio manager since 2014. Industry since 2006.

Tim Gibson
Co-Head of Global Property Equities

Portfolio manager since 2014. Industry since 2001.

Greg Kuhl, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager since 2015. Industry since 2005.

Nicolas Scherf
Portfolio Manager

Portfolio manager since 2014. Industry since 2007.

Daniel Greenberger
Portfolio Manager

Portfolio manager since 2017. Industry since 2006.

Xin Yan Low
Portfolio Manager

Portfolio manager since 2019. Industry since 2007.

Alex Koslover, CFA
Research Analyst

Research analyst since 2013. Industry since 2013.

Tom Foster
Research Analyst

Dylan Gaines
Associate Analyst

Thematic investing

Access transformational change with thematic investing. Thematic investing enables investors to benefit from the powerful megatrends that are disrupting and shaping the future, unlocking the potential for stronger and more consistent returns.