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Key information


Henderson European Focus Trust plc

Key information

Review important trust details, such as investment objective, history, performance, and dividend payments.

Investment Objective: The Company seeks to maximise total return (a combination of income and capital growth) from a portfolio of stocks listed in Europe.

The value of an investment and the income from it may go down as well as up and you may lose the amount originally invested.

Company details

Total Assets (as at 29/02/2024) 457.21M
Ticker HEFT
Benchmark FTSE World Europe (Ex UK) Index
Ongoing Charge Figure 0.80%
Objective Capital Growth
Asset class Equities
Sector AIC Europe
Regional Focus Europe ex UK


Answers to the Henderson European Focus Trust frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) can inform investment decisions, with key data about sectors, fees, fund managers, independent ratings, and more.

  • Henderson European Focus Trust aims to maximise total return (a combination of income and capital growth) from a focused portfolio of listed stocks, mainly in Continental Europe. The team looks for inflexion points whereby a company or sector is set for a period of growth and prioritises value when allocating funds and is uninhibited by index weightings. The portfolio can hold companies of any size but has a strong bias towards large capacity.

  • The incorporation date was 20th January 1947.

  • The fund managers are Tom O’Hara and John Bennett, Director of European Equities. Tom joined the asset management industry in 2006 and has been with Janus Henderson since 2018. Tom has managed the company since 2020. John joined the asset management industry in 1987 and has been with Janus Henderson since 2011. John has managed the company since 2010.

  • The company’s investment benchmark is the FTSE World Europe ex UK.[1]
    [1] Source: Janus Henderson, Henderson European Focus Trust plc Factsheet, Factsheet updated monthly.

  • The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) classifies companies into sectors as a way of grouping companies with common characteristics. The classifications are based on a combination of the company’s regional or industry focus, and its investment objective. Henderson European Focus Trust is classified within the ‘AIC Europe’ sector.

  • As of 29th February 2024, the Company had total assets of £457.21M under management.
    Source: AIC. Updated monthly.

  • Proposed dividend payment date(s): February and June.

  • The company has received an overall rating of ★★★★★ by Morningstar. The company’s analyst rating is Silver.

  • The management fee is 0.65% for net assets up to £300m. 0.55% for net assets above £300m.

  • View Henderson European Focus Trust’s policy here.

  • For general insight into the Company, please see the latest Kepler commissioned research.

    This research gives general insight into the background of the Investment Trust, and the investment strategy with which it is run. In addition to this it outlines the Company’s objectives and provides updates from the Fund Manager, as well as recent performance data.