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Why invest


Henderson European Focus Trust plc

Why invest

Profit from Europe’s global champions

Henderson European Focus Trust invests in global leaders listed in Europe, with the aim of maximising total return.

The trust’s managers, Tom O’Hara (European Equities Team) and John Bennett (Director of European Equities) curate a focused portfolio of their best ideas. Companies are selected with an emphasis on insight garnered from extensive meetings with company management, coupled with consideration of the valuation or price paid for a stock.

The trust’s goal is to generate stable growth and income for investors, with an emphasis on consistency – a goal that’s been backed up by a strong track record of total return.

Marketing Communication. Past performance does not predict future returns. The value of an investment and the income from it may go down as well as up and you may lose the amount originally invested. Past performance can be viewed here.

Why choose Henderson European Focus Trust?

Global champions based in Europe

Henderson European Focus Trust seeks out pioneering businesses that are leaders in their fields that happen to be listed in Europe. Innovative businesses with the potential for significant growth are available in Europe, if you only know where to look and remain conscious of valuation.

The managers look for companies with the scale, competitive advantages and healthy financials to fuel growth versus their global peers, and which are generally overlooked by investors.

Investing in Europe’s ‘makers’

Challenging macroeconomic conditions, including the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical turmoil have prompted a widespread reset in the global supply chain. The trust’s managers believe that a structural shift is taking place, prompting companies across the world to ‘localise’ supply chains, often incentivised by governments concerned about security and resilience as centres of power shift. This medium-to-long term fundamental trend is a key focus for the trust, as Europe is home to many of the companies that could facilitate this process.

Conviction, driven by expertise

The trust is invested in a focused list of high conviction investments, selected by its experienced pair of co-managers . Deeper investment support is provided by Janus Henderson Investors’ broader, award winning European equities teams, ensuring that a significant breadth of the market is covered. The trust’s managers emphasise meeting companies themselves, in order to build deep understanding of their operations – and their value.

Separately, the trust’s independent board provides oversight on its operations and ensures that shareholders are front of mind in its processes.

Manager's perspective

Tom O’Hara, Fund Manager for Henderson European Focus Trust alongside John Bennett , aims to give shareholders a better return than a European index tracker. To achieve it, the trust remains style-agnostic, focuses on big companies and always looking for signs of change that signal potential routes to shareholder value.

“Our investment approach is actually quite simple: meet the company, and pay the right price. We’re always meeting with the companies we own – usually every quarter – and we keep an ongoing dialogue with those we don’t.”

– Tom O’Hara, Fund Manager

Ready to invest?

Head to our How to Invest page now to find out how to add The Henderson European Focus Trust to your ISA, SIPP, or whichever investment account or wrapper you use to invest.


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