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Auspicious times ahead in the Year of the Rat?

Auspicious times ahead in the Year of the Rat?

As China welcomes in the Lunar New Year, Charlie Awdry, China equities portfolio manager, talks about the impact of the recent trade deal and portfolio positioning.

Is US monetary strength reversing?
Global Perspectives

Is US monetary strength reversing?

US money growth, on a range of measures, picked up significantly during H2 2019.

ECB — one for the specialists

ECB — one for the specialists

Andrew Mulliner, Portfolio Manager Global Bonds, shares his views on the outcome of today’s European Central Bank meeting, which as he explains was expected to be the hors d’oeuvre of the ECB’s policy review; in reality it was more akin to a notification that the ECB would be cooking dinner.

Global Fixed Income Compass

Knowledge. Shared (Q4 2019)

Quarterly insight from our fixed income teams to help clients navigate the markets and opportunities ahead.


Global Sustainable Equity Fund

A global equity strategy employing an integrated approach to sustainable and responsible investment (SRI).

Horizon Euro High Yield Bond Fund

For investors seeking the potential for high overall yield and capital growth in European fixed income.

Global Equity Fund

A benchmark-agnostic equities fund seeking to invest in high-quality, growing companies from across the world that are benefiting from long-term secular trends.

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