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Fraud and security information

Janus Henderson Investors’ fraud prevention

Janus Henderson Investors takes the security of its investors, their personal information, and their accounts very seriously. Janus Henderson Investors employs a number of measures, both automated and manual, to ensure the security and safety of both your personal and account information. Secure systems are used to store investor information, and these systems are in turn protected by further safety measures, such as firewalls.

Safeguarding yourself

When receiving correspondence about your investment, it is worth taking some time to determine whether it is genuine. Letters and emails from fraudsters may contain spelling errors or poor grammar. Fraudsters may also use Janus Henderson Investors branding and logos on their correspondence, or on webpages they have set up, in order to appear legitimate.

To keep your account safe, Janus Henderson Investors strongly advises that you establish whether any contact you have via phone, email, post, or other means is with a genuine representative of Janus Henderson Investors. It is important that you do not share any information with someone you do not believe to be a legitimate representative of Janus Henderson Investors. Please be aware that Janus Henderson Investors will never cold call investors or members of the public about investment opportunities, and that any such calls will not be genuine.

Janus Henderson Investors is headquartered in the UK, and is regulated by the UK’s financial services regulator – the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). The FCA will periodically update their website with news of known scams and frauds that are carried out under the name of regulated financial institutions, including Janus Henderson Investors. If you are unsure if contact you receive is genuine, you can search the FCA’s website for further information. You can also take the name of the caller and then get in touch with us on the below number, referencing the caller’s name to confirm if the contact was genuine.

If you are concerned that a fraudster has knowledge, or has gained knowledge, of your personal information or account details, please do not hesitate to contact us on the below numbers.

Types of fraud

Fraudsters use a variety of tactics, and are always looking for new ways to extract personal information in order to access investments. We advise you to be alert to any contact that appears to be unprompted, overly intrusive, or otherwise suspicious.

Common methods used by fraudsters include:

  • Impersonating, cloning, or otherwise claiming to represent Janus Henderson Investors - variations of a company’s name are often used by fraudsters, and they may encourage you to visit malicious sites. It is important that you carefully check any correspondence you receive.
  • Phishing – a method of extracting information from a potential victim. A fraudster will ask questions in order to obtain certain details needed to access an investment account. Some phishing attempts will try to dupe a potential victim into clicking a weblink that downloads harmful software. To appear genuine, this is often paired with impersonation as described above. If an email or link appears suspicious, do not open it.
  • Advance Fee – a fraudster will claim to hold money that can only be accessed after an upfront payment, sometimes stating this is a processing fee. The fraudster may claim they have identified lost assets owed to you, or perhaps an inheritence that has been recently identified. Janus Henderson Investors will not ask for upfront payments for money due to its investors or clients, and any requests for such will be fraudulent.
  • Boiler Room – a fraudster will try to sell questionnable or non-existent investments, and will employ high-pressure sales tactics to do so. Janus Henderson Investors does not conduct its business this way, and will never try to force sales of its products.

If you believe you have been contacted fraudulently, please contact the Janus Henderson Investors helpline:

International: +44 1268 443 914
UK: 0800 832 832

Lines are open from 9:00am to 5:30pm UK time (Monday to Friday).