Fixed Income

Our Fixed Income teams provide coverage across the asset class applying a wide range of innovative and differentiated techniques. These teams include those adopting global unconstrained approaches through to those with more focused mandates – based in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. The capabilities of these teams can be accessed through individual strategies and are combined where appropriate to form multi-strategy offerings.

Strengthen Your Core

Our Fixed Income experts discuss the challenges currently facing traditional core and core plus strategies and why more flexible, multi-sector strategies warrant consideration.


Absolute Return

U.S. Core Plus

U.S. Long Duration

U.S. Short Duration

U.S. High Yield


Bond Markets at Inflection Point as Economic Outlook Remains Unknown

Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income Jenna Barnard explains why she feels bond markets are at a critical inflection point.

Quest for Yield Means Making Cash Work Harder

Portfolio Manager Dan Siluk discusses the challenges of generating positive yield amid falling rates and economic uncertainty.

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As Bond Volatility Rises, Mortgage-Backed Securities May Provide Defensive Diversification

Portfolio Managers John Kerschner and Nick Childs discuss how MBS can provide diversification in volatile corporate and government bond markets.