The strategy is high conviction and actively managed, investing in quoted equity securities of companies or real estate investment trusts (or equivalents) listed or traded on a regulated market. Supported by investment professionals based in Europe, Asia and North America, our primary strategy is long only and benchmark aware seeking moderate, but consistent, outperformance of the benchmark index.


Working to Deliver Attractive Total Returns Over the Long Term
The strategy seeks income and long-term capital appreciation by investing principally in global Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and listed property companies.

Liquid Access to Global Property
Compared to physical property investment, listed REITs are more liquid, require less investment capital and can deliver a consistent income stream.

Portfolio Diversification
Property equities generally display low correlations to other assets such as equities and bonds and lower volatility than equities.

Featured Insight

July 2019 | Investment Team Perspectives

The Case for Global Property Equities

Listed real estate stocks, including REITs, offer the potential for enhanced returns, consistent income and greater diversification. Our experts highlight why as they make the case for property equities.