A moderately positioned, small-mid-cap growth fund seeking to provide consistent relative returns with lower volatility than the index. The Fund invests in small-cap companies with differentiated business models and sustainable competitive advantages that are positioned to grow market share regardless of economic conditions.


Unique Business Models
Seeks small-cap companies that stand out from competitors – through differentiated business models, innovative approaches or unique products or services – that are using their competitive advantages to grow over a multi-year time frame.

Deep, Specialized Team
In-depth fundamental research supported by a team of analysts, a team of small mid-cap specialists and a portfolio management team with experience looking for small-cap companies early in their life cycle that have the potential to grow into mid-size companies.

Moderate Approach to Growth
The Fund offers the potential for capital appreciation through exposure to small companies having the potential to quickly grow into mid-size companies with a focus on resilient business models positioned to weather a variety of market environments.

Strong Risk-Adjusted Performance vs. Peers

10-Year Rankings in Morningstar Small Growth Category (528 funds) as of 12/31/21
Proof Point Chart Q1 22

Triton Fund 3-Year rankings in Morningstar Small Growth Category as of 12/31/21: Alpha – 84th percentile ranked 496 of 601 funds, Sharpe Ratio – 81st percentile ranked 484 of 601 funds, Standard Deviation – 57th percentile ranked 343 of 601 funds and Beta – 54th percentile ranked 336 of 601 funds.