We believe a fundamentally driven investment process, focused on identifying smaller-cap companies with differentiated business models and sustainable competitive advantages, will drive outperformance relative to our benchmark and peers over time. Identifying small-cap companies with the potential to grow into the midcap space allows us the flexibility to hold our positions and capture a longer growth period in a company’s life cycle.


Unique Business Models
Seeks small-cap companies that stand out from competitors – through differentiated business models, innovative approaches or unique products or services – that are using their competitive advantages to grow over a multi-year time frame.

Deep, Specialized Team
In-depth fundamental research supported by analysts and small-mid-cap specialists who look for small-cap companies early in their life cycle that have the potential to grow into mid-size companies.

Moderate Approach to Growth
The portfolio offers the potential for capital appreciation through exposure to small companies having the potential to quickly grow into mid-size companies with a focus on resilient business models positioned to weather a variety of market environments.

Working to be Consistently Good… Not Occasionally Great

Small-Mid Cap Growth Composite outperformed the Russell 2500™ Growth Index 120 of 120 periods, or 100% of the time.

Annualized Monthly Rolling Three-Year Returns*

US SMID Cap Growth Chart
* Returns based on 10-year time frame ending 6/30/2019.

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