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Erika Oquist 

Fixed Income Investment Specialist

Erika Oquist is a fixed income Investment Specialist at Janus Henderson Investors, a position she has held since 2023. In this role, she is responsible for articulating Janus Henderson’s view on fixed income markets, the macroeconomic environment, and how the firm’s suite of fixed income products are positioned within the investment marketplace. As an asset class specialist, Erika engages with clients to drive asset growth and contributes to strategic planning for the Janus Henderson fixed income platform. Prior to her current role, Erika was a senior product specialist with the firm, covering multi-asset, growth equities, and fixed income products from 2015. Before that, she was with Northern Trust for nine years and held various roles within their asset management division. Erika began as a trade analyst, then was a portfolio manager associate and later became an equity portfolio manager of institutional equity index funds.

Erika earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration finance from Western Michigan University. She has 17 years of financial industry experience.