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Ted Graeber

Senior Director, Product Research and Pricing

Ted Graeber is Senior Director, Product Research & Pricing at Janus Henderson Investors. He is responsible for pricing, investment industry research and trends, and product and strategy development. Prior to joining Janus in 2011, he served as marketing manager at Transamerica. In this role, he managed multiple aspects of marketing material, created competitive analysis reports and product positioning points, and implemented project plans for new product launches. Before  that, he was a consultant at TIAA-CREF advising participants on strategic allocation plans and providing brokerage support to wealth management consultants. Earlier while a product manager at John Hancock Funds, Ted analysed market trends, assisted in product development efforts, and provided product and market information to aid in product creation. Ted started his professional career at Lipper, where he held several positions, including portfolio analyst and global product manager.

Ted received a bachelor of arts degree in finance/marketing from the University of Denver. He has 26 years of financial industry experience.