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Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF (the Fund) and its Feeder Fund remain suspended for dealing – 1 April 2022

Dealing Suspension Review and Update Since the announcement of dealing suspension on 4 March 2022, good progress has been made regarding the sale of the entire property portfolio to a single buyer. We are not yet at the stage where we can provide more detail, as discussions are ongoing and remain commercially sensitive. We remain

1 April 2022

Janus Henderson suspends dealing in Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF & Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF Feeder Fund

The Board of Henderson Investment Funds Limited has today suspended dealing in the Funds to protect the interests of all investors whilst a potential sale of the Fund’s direct property portfolio is progressed. Further details are set out below.

4 March 2022

Janus Henderson UK legal entity name changes

As part of our continued integration plans post the merger of Janus Capital and Henderson Global Investors, we wanted to confirm the following Janus Henderson legal entities have been renamed as follows. Previous Legal Entity Name  New Legal Entity Name  Effective Date Janus Capital Management LLC Janus Henderson Investors US LLC 3rd January 2022 Janus

28 February 2022

Lunar New Year – temporary dealing suspension in Janus Henderson China Opportunities Fund

Please note we are declaring a number of non-dealing days in the below Fund. Non-dealing days will be in place from Monday 31 January to Thursday 3 February 2022.

26 January 2022

Q&A – Changes to LIBOR

Global central banks recommended that LIBOR be changed after the global financial crisis, due to rate manipulation by some participating banks. As a result, LIBOR is expected to be gradually replaced by other rates. LIBOR stands for “London Inter-Bank Offered Rate”, the interest rate at which banks estimate they could borrow money from another bank

4 January 2022