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On-demand webcasts

Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity webcast

Sustainability is an undeniable matter that is demanding attention across the globe. It will inevitably change the way that investments are made, businesses are run and individuals live. Hamish Chamberlayne, Head of Global Sustainable Equities, discusses the 30-year anniversary of the well-established Global Sustainable Equity Strategy, the launch of our new sustainable fund focused on US Equities, and what he believes the future for sustainable development holds.

Recorded 8 September

Sustainable Future Technologies Webcast

Technology is the science of solving problems and its innovation is required for our world to meet the many challenges it faces. Investing in sustainable technologies provides investors with an avenue to drive positive change in not just environmental but also social issues. As the next generation of digital natives grow increasingly focused on sustainability, there are both significant and very broad investment opportunities within the sustainable technology sector. Richard Clode, Portfolio Manager, discusses the launch of our new Sustainable Future Technologies fund.

Recorded 30 June

UK Equity Income – Recovery and Responsibility

After a challenging 2020 what is the outlook for 2021 and beyond? What are companies saying about business conditions and dividends? In this presentation Andy Jones will discuss why the UK remains an attractive market for income and also how to construct an income portfolio within an ESG framework.

Recorded 26 July 2021

Janus Henderson Absolute Return Fixed Income Webcast

The headlines have not been kind to bonds in 2021, as the low yield environment and the potential for accelerating inflation have led investors to question the benefits. However, the early-year rates sell-off and steepening of the yield curve has also improved prospects for generating returns. In addition, a focus on higher quality, shorter-dated issuance and hedging strategies can help to mitigate volatility and decorrelate from risk assets such as equities.In this webcast, the team will provide their macro update covering the central bank and inflation outlook, the opportunities presented by the asynchronous nature of the recovery, and how portfolios are positioned for the upcoming environment.

Recorded 14 July 2021

How technology is transforming Football

Join technology managers Alison Porter, Graeme Clark and Richard Clode and football performance analysis provider, BePro 11 for an engaging and insightful session into how tech innovation is being leveraged to improve the game and transform the fan experience across every aspect via the convergence of AI and VR, predictive analytics, healthtech, and wearable technologies, among others.

Recorded 30 June 2021

Global Equity Market Neutral webcast

Please join the video Q&A webinar with Steve Johnstone, where viewers are invited to submit questions on a range of topics, such as how the strategy has been managing factor rotations in markets, inflation and the reopening/stay-at-home wrangle. The webinar will also include an update on positioning and performance.

Recorded 29 June 2021

Reshuffling the deck – interpreting the new backdrop for bond markets

We are used to market commentators using the phrase “This time it’s different” to excuse unusual data and make the case for more of the same. But what if things really are different? What if policy makers are overlooking factors that might divert us off the low inflation, low rates path to which we are accustomed. Is the policy regime itself in flux? In this webcast, Jim Cielinski, Global Head of Fixed Income at Janus Henderson Investors, looks at the competing forces shaping economies and the implications for fixed income. Key areas covered include:

  • Where are we in the credit cycle and have we even left the last one?
  • Have we reached our limits on debt?
  • What does the new monetary and fiscal pact mean for bond markets?

Recorded 24 June 2021

High yield: navigating the road ahead for 2021

Economies are recovering but inflation is also on the rise so what does this mean for the direction of high yield bonds? Join Tom Ross and Seth Meyer from our corporate credit team as they consider prospects for the asset class.

Recorded 8 June 2021

Strategic Fixed Income update

Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo share their insights into the world of asset allocation and investments in a COVID stricken climate.

The webcast session will also include a review of the performance of the Janus Henderson Strategic Fixed Income range over the period, its current positioning and outlook for the medium term.

Recorded 25 May 2021

Janus Henderson Absolute Return Fund Update and Market Outlook

In this webcast, Portfolio Manager Luke Newman will be outlining the team’s latest performance, outlook and positioning for the Janus Henderson United Kingdom Absolute Return strategy.

Recorded 6 May 2021

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