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Why invest


The European Smaller Companies Trust PLC

Why invest

Tap into the growth potential of European small and mid-cap companies set for positive change

The European Smaller Companies Trust aims to turn investments in Europe’s dynamic small and mid-cap businesses into capital growth.

The team looks for the most promising small-cap potential across Europe, from exciting new developments in AI, outsourcing and sustainability to dependable businesses that fly beneath the radar.

Evidence shows that smaller companies have historically achieved greater growth, as a group, than their larger peers. That’s why the trust’s team of expert managers harness regional experience and diverse information sources to find Europe’s undiscovered and promising businesses.

Backed up with independent oversight from the board of directors, European Smaller Companies Trust has delivered strong, consistent performance over time by providing investors with access to Europe’s cutting-edge companies.

Marketing Communication. Past performance does not predict future returns. The value of an investment and the income from it may go down as well as up and you may lose the amount originally invested. Past performance can be viewed here.

Why choose The European Smaller Companies Trust?

See a different side to investing in Europe

There are exciting opportunities to be found in Europe which is often overlooked as a source of innovation and structural growth. But these require resource, specialist knowledge and expertise to identify. The trust aims to give investors access to the businesses that even professionals miss – and to tap into the unique long-term potential of Europe’s small-cap sector.

Investing in the only constant – change

The trust looks for the potential in companies at key ‘catalyst’ moments in their development, from management changes to the development of new products. By identifying companies at different stages of their lifecycle, including key moments of transition, the trust aims to identify – and benefit from – real long-term potential.

Big opportunities at the right price

Smaller businesses are often overlooked – but they make up the backbone of Europe’s economy, and evidence shows they have historically outperformed larger businesses over time. The trust looks to uncover the hidden quality– seeking out the right opportunities, but at the right price.

A considered approach

The trust is managed by Ollie Beckett, supported by Rory Stokes and Julia Scheufler. They are also able to draw on the wider European Equities team at Janus Henderson Investors. Investments are chosen through a detailed process of understanding the business, the management and crucially the value. Spreading the portfolio across a breadth of different economies in Europe allows for greater diversification, aiming to offset some of the risk associated with smaller companies.

Manager's perspective

Ollie Beckett, Fund Manager of The European Smaller Companies Investment Trust, looks to European smaller companies for their innovative potential at attractive valuations, with the objective to produce capital growth.

“Valuation is key – we find the ‘winners of tomorrow’ at a reasonable price.”

– Ollie Beckett, Fund Manager

Ready to invest?

Head to our How to Invest page now to find out how to add The European Smaller Companies Trust to your ISA, SIPP, or whichever investment account or wrapper you use to invest.


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