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For institutional investors in Norway

Emerging Markets Innovation

An emerging markets equity strategy seeking growth opportunities across the three phases of innovation – building, scaling, and compounding.



We believe conditions are ripe for a material expansion in emerging market led innovation, driven by digitalized economies, large domestic populations, and a new era of policy support. We seek to generate strong investment returns by identifying emerging market companies that are driving this innovation. We expect these innovators to create exponential, step-change improvements that generate durable value for all stakeholders.


Our Team
Experienced EM investors that have built extensive local market relationships and benefit from the broad resources of a global firm

Innovation Threshold
Our three-lens approach that emphasizes the addressable market size, business models, and entrepreneurs to identify innovative growth opportunities

Intentional Approach to Growth
Disciplined risk management seeks to balance capital allocation across the three phases of innovation to create an unconstrained, open-ended growth portfolio


Daniel J. Graña, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1995. Joined Firm in 2019.

Matthew Culley

Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Industry since 2008. Joined Firm in 2019.