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For institutional investors in Norway

Multi Strategy

This market-neutral, alternative strategy invests across a diversified set of bottom-up strategies combined with a top-down "protection" strategy.



The team believes that investor constraints, behavioral biases, structural inefficiencies and capital flows lead to persistent investment opportunities. They seek to capitalize on these opportunities by investing globally across a diversified set of skill-based, market-neutral strategies.

A bottom-up, risk-aware approach to capital allocation aims to target the most attractive investment opportunities in any given environment, while top-down risk controls anchored on a protection strategy seek to manage total portfolio risk.

The result is a strategy designed to deliver positive absolute returns regardless of market conditions, at moderate levels of volatility with low correlation to both traditional and alternative asset classes.

The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency fluctuations and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance does not predict future returns.

Please be aware that while the Protection strategy aims to reduce downside risk, it does not commit to provide capital protection over any time period, and particularly over the shorter term the strategy may demonstrate periods of negative returns. Consequently capital is at risk.



Diversifying absolute return strategy

The strategy aims to outperform over a full market cycle, with low beta and correlation to global equities, within an expected volatility range of 4 – 8%.

Rocks in the sea

A distinct range of return sources

A diverse set of lowly correlated strategies aims to capture opportunities across market environments while seeking to maximize the risk-adjusted returns of the entire portfolio.

Rocks in the sea
Rocks in the sea
Rocks in the sea

Explicit portfolio protection strategy

A top-down ‘protection’ strategy seeks to provide ‘crisis alpha’ during periods of market stress, while allowing the other strategies to remain positively exposed to resulting opportunities.

Rocks in the sea

Stable and experienced team

A collaborative team of highly experienced investment professionals with a diversified skill set based in the UK, U.S. and Australia.

Rocks in the sea
Rocks in the sea
Rocks in the sea


Portfolio Manager Note

Portfolio Manager Steve Cain provides his latest quarterly thinking on the macro backdrop and the route ahead.

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Invests in a diversified set of strategies at a bottom-up level, combined with a top-down protection strategy.

Convertible arbitrage Aims to capitalise on mispricings of convertible bonds
Event driven Aims to capture pricing inefficiencies around corporate events or capital structures
Equity market neutral Seeks to deliver alpha by investing long and short across pan-European equities
Price pressure Aims to generate returns through the provision of capital to liquidity opportunities
Risk transfer Aims to capitalise on supply/demand-driven imbalances in the derivatives market
FICC RV Invests in Fixed Income, Currency and Commodity Relative Value opportunities
Portfolio protection Seeks to mitigate left tail risk through a multi-faceted protection strategy


David Elms

Head of Diversified Alternatives | Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1992. Joined Firm in 2002.

Steve Cain

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1987. Joined Firm in 2010.