Janus Henderson Core Multi-Asset Solutions

Income Series

Lower cost multi-asset portfolios with an income bias expertly managed to defined risk targets

Investors have become much more risk aware following the global financial crisis, which has highlighted the need to diversify across asset classes and regions to help spread risk and reduce the impact of market volatility. Moreover, with interest rates remaining at record lows, income generation has become increasingly important.

That's why Janus Henderson has launched the Core Multi-Asset Solutions range. Four lower cost multi-asset portfolios, each with an income bias, which are expertly managed to defined risk (volatility) targets as provided by Distribution Technology – a leading risk-profiling firm.

Janus Henderson's UK-based Multi-Asset Team, which manages ​£23.3bn*, is one of the most experienced in the market. Investors in the Core range benefit from the team’s full asset allocation and instrument selection expertise but at a lower cost than traditional multi-manager products. As a result we have capped our ongoing charges figure (OCF) at 0.75% across the fund range.

*Source: Janus Henderson Investors at 31 December 2017.

Please note: Janus Henderson Core Multi-Asset Solutions should be bought in conjunction with an attitude to risk tool as part of the financial advice process. These funds are, therefore, designed to be bought by advised clients only.


Source: Janus Henderson Investors. Risk budget = Volatility range.

*The adjusted historical I share class yield reflects distributions declared over the past 12 months and any net income yet to be distributed to investors as a % of the midmarket unit price as at 31 August 2017. The yield generated may rise or fall as a consequence of economic and market conditions. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.


Risk-targeted solutions

The risk versus return trade-off is a key factor in determining what assets or funds to select for investment. Increasingly, advisers and investors are using a more structured approach to risk, employing ‘attitude to risk’ tools to quantify risk tolerances and thereby ensure an investor’s portfolio is closely aligned to these tolerances.

Our Core Multi-Asset Solutions funds, within which income is a key component, have been assigned individual risk profiles 3, 4, 5, and 6 from Distribution Technology (DT). This number reflects the corresponding attitude to risk score that an investor has using DT’s ‘attitude to risk tool’ and is based on historical volatility data.

Typically, lower but more stable returns are generated from investments with lower levels of risk, whilst higher but more volatile returns are generally expected from investments with greater levels of risk.

Risk profile12345678910
DescriptorLowest riskVery low riskLow riskLowest medium riskLow medium riskHigh medium riskHighest medium riskHigh riskVery high riskHighest risk

Risk ratings and definitions by Distribution Technology.

Please note: The Distribution Technology risk profiles are indicative, based on historic data and should not be solely relied upon when making investment decisions. At any period of time the volatility of a fund may temporarily move outside of the volatility parameters if the portfolio manager believes it is advantageous to do so in order to enhance the investment performance of the fund. However, the Henderson Core Multi-Asset Solutions range is intended for investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon – at least five years – and on average over this time period the portfolios will aim to be within their respective volatility range. Investors should read the Full Prospectus and other scheme documentation before reaching a decision.

Meet the team

Janus Henderson’s UK-based Multi-Asset Team operates as a specialist investment division within Janus Henderson. Headed by Paul O'Connor, the team brings together a wide range of complementary skills across the three core disciplines of asset allocation, fund research and fund selection.

Meet the team

*Separate reporting line

Note: Number after name refers to years of experience in industry.

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Paul O’Connor

Paul joined the Multi-Asset team in 2013 from Mercer, where he was Head of Asset Allocation (EMEA), responsible for asset allocation across all client portfolios in the region. He was also the lead manager on the Mercer Diversified Growth Fund. He joins Janus Henderson to focus on asset allocation in the Multi-Asset team, with a particular focus on the Diversified Growth funds.

Dean Cheeseman

Dean Cheeseman is a Portfolio Manager on the UK-based multi-asset team at Janus Henderson Investors, a position he has held since 2017. Prior to joining Janus Henderson, he was a portfolio manager and member of the asset allocation committee at Mercer from 2011 where he contributed tactical asset allocation ideas for all multi-asset and equity strategies. Before that, Dean was with F&C Asset Management from 2007 to 2010, finishing his tenure as head of fund of funds. Prior to F&C Asset Management, he was head of developed markets with Forsyth Partners from 2001 and head of collective investments at Morgan Stanley’s Quilter from 1998. He began his career as an investment analyst with Chartwell House Asset Management in 1995. Dean holds a BA (Hons) in financial services from Nottingham Trent University and has 22 years of financial industry experience.

Helen Bradshaw

Helen joined the Multi-Manager team in 2006 from Henderson’s product management team, where she had a particular focus on the Horizon and hedge fund ranges. Helen holds a LLB Law degree from Exeter University, the LPC from the College of Law, Guildford and the Investment Management Certificate.

James de Bunsen

James joined Janus Henderson from multi-asset boutique, Armstrong Investment Managers. At AIM he helped run a number of multi-asset strategies focussing on generating real returns above inflation within clearly defined risk budgets. Prior to joining Armstrong, James spent five years at Insight Investment as part of a multi-asset team that launched the first retail multi-asset fund in the UK and had £1.5bn AUM. At Insight he had particular focus on investment selection and fund manager due diligence. Before Insight, James spent several years working as a journalist and editor across a variety of business magazines. James graduated from the University of Manchester and has since completed both the IMC and CFA examinations.

Nick Watson

Nick Watson joined Janus Henderson in 2007 as a Graduate Trainee. This involved a rotational programme across Global SRI Equities, Global Fixed Income Hedge Fund and Product and Business Support. In 2009, Nick became a Research and Insight Manager for the Product team and was responsible for identifying market trends and new product ideas. This included involvement in Henderson’s acquisitions of New Star and Gartmore. In July 2012, Nick became a Trainee Fund Manager for the Multi Asset team and is now a Fund Manager. Prior to joining Henderson, he worked in a back office data administration role for Fidelity International. Nick graduated with an honours degree from the University of Exeter in Economics. He also holds the Investment Management Certificate. He is also a CFA charterholder.

The Janus Henderson Core Multi-Asset Solutions range of funds

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ISIN code: GB00B89MF187A Acc Currency GBP NAV 0.6113 Change -0.0500% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B8B1CF61A Inc Currency GBP NAV 0.5065 Change -0.0600% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B8289886I Acc Currency GBP NAV 1.2550 Change -0.0800% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B7M85J46I Inc Currency GBP NAV 1.0460 Change 0.0000% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B9DFQH34I Acc Currency GBP NAV 1.1810 Change -0.0800% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B94Q8L39I Inc Currency GBP NAV 0.9793 Change -0.0600% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B89YS045A Acc Currency GBP NAV 0.6919 Change -0.0700% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B8J9TP16A Inc Currency GBP NAV 0.5537 Change -0.0500% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B8J9W526I Acc Currency GBP NAV 1.4200 Change -0.0700% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B7YR0M72I Inc Currency GBP NAV 1.1390 Change -0.0900% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B96RS580I Acc Currency GBP NAV 1.3050 Change -0.0800% Price date 20/02/2018
ISIN code: GB00B94SCD93I Inc Currency GBP NAV 1.1060 Change 0.0000% Price date 20/02/2018


Important message

Fund name changes

Please note that from the 15 December 2017 funds previously named Janus or Henderson have been renamed Janus Henderson. This change aligns our product names with our name, Janus Henderson Investors, following the merger of Janus Capital and Henderson Global Investors in May 2017.

This name change does not impact on the management of the underlying funds and investors and advisers are not required to take any action. This does not affect Janus Henderson’s range of investment trusts.