Janus Henderson fund name changes

As part of our continued integration plans following the successful merger of Janus Capital and Henderson Global Investors, we will be making the following changes to all Janus Henderson UK, Luxembourg and Irish-domiciled funds.

From 15 December 2017:

  • All Janus and Henderson fund names will change to include the Janus Henderson name
  • All Janus and Henderson fund umbrella structures will change to include the Janus Henderson name
Current NameNew Name
Henderson OEICJanus Henderson OEIC
Henderson Horizon FundJanus Henderson Horizon Fund
Henderson Gartmore FundJanus Henderson Fund
Janus Capital Funds plcJanus Henderson Capital Funds plc

Why are we making these changes?

We are changing the fund and umbrella names to align our product names with our new group name, Janus Henderson Investors.

Are any operational changes being made?

The legal entities appointed to run the funds are not being renamed at this point.

Will contact details be changing?

  • Telephone numbers stay the same.
  • Addresses stay the same, with the updated reference to Janus Henderson Investors.
  •  Both 'janus' and 'henderson' have been replaced by 'janushenderson' on web addresses and emails. For example, the website address has become www.janushenderson.com.

If you wish to speak to us about the funds or about any other investment with Janus Henderson, please contact us here.

Further details can be found via the links below.

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