Global Multi-
Strategy Fund

Capabilities Alternatives

Global Multi-
Strategy Fund

Capabilities Alternatives

Diversification can be especially valuable
in turbulent and unpredictable markets

Most investors’ portfolios have traditionally relied on equities and bonds to provide their primary source of returns. However, as markets and investor behaviours evolve, so too do investment opportunities.

Declining bond yields and historically low cash rates, coupled with geopolitical uncertainty and a slowing global economy, has resulted in lower return expectations across a range of asset classes.

The gap between what investors are seeking, and what their investment portfolios have been delivering, is widening. As such, investors are increasingly looking to alternative sources of returns.

Our competitive advantage

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Diversifying absolute return strategy

A globally positioned multi-strategy portfolio seeking to provide positive absolute return with low to moderate volatility and low correlation to both traditional and alternative asset classes.

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A distinct range of return sources

The skill-based market neutral nature and low expected correlations between the underlying strategies seeks to enhance risk-adjusted returns for investors.

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Explicit portfolio protection strategy

History shows that during periods of market stress, the prices for seemingly unrelated investments can become highly correlated. An explicit top-down portfolio ‘protection’ strategy seeks to generate uncorrelated positive returns during these periods of market stress.

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Stable and experienced global multi-strategy team

A collaborative team of highly experienced investment professionals with a diversified skill set based in the UK, US and Australia.

A turn-key alternatives solution

The Janus Henderson Global Multi-Strategy Fund seeks absolute returns through investing across a diversified suite of skill-based, market neutral strategies, combined with a risk aware approach to portfolio construction and protection.

The Fund is designed to provide positive absolute returns, with low to moderate volatility and low correlation to both traditional and alternative asset classes. Our seasoned investment team seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns, regardless of market conditions.

A continuous global research effort aims to identify new sources of returns and avoid crowded trades.

Quote Diversification works well in up markets, but is unreliable in down markets – like March 2020 – when investor panic induces risk assets to fall in a synchronised manner. We address this issue by running a set of protection strategies that aim to provide positive returns in down markets and are the mirror image of the diversified return-seeking strategies we use to generate returns in more normal markets.”

David Elms, Head of Diversified Alternatives

Investment strategies

The Fund invests in a diversified set of strategies at a bottom-up level, including convertible arbitrage, event driven, price pressure, risk transfer and equity market neutral, combined with a top-down protection strategy.


Aims to capitalise on mispricings of convertible bonds.


Looks to exploit pricing inefficiencies around corporate events or capital structures.

Equity Market

Seeks to deliver alpha by investing long and short across pan-European equities.


Aims to generate returns through the provision of capital to liquidity opportunities.


Looks to capitalise on supply/demand-driven imbalances in the derivatives market.

Fixed Income, Currency and
Commodity Relative Value

Invests in Fixed Income, Currency and Commodity Relative Value opportunities.


Seeks to mitigate left tail risk through a multi-faceted protection strategy.

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Fund Facts
Asset Class Alternatives
Benchmark Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index
Target return Benchmark plus 7% p.a. (before fees) over rolling 3-year periods
Expected volatility Low to moderate, 4-8% long term
Risk profile Very High
Year End 30 June
APIR code HGI4648AU
Inception Date June 2020
Portfolio Managers David Elms, Steve Cain
Management Fee 0.90% p.a.
Performance Fee 20% of the amount of outperformance of the current day NAV relative to prior day NAV above the Benchmark (after management fees) and subject to a high watermark
Indirect Costs 0.17% p.a.
Buy/Sell spread The Fund currently does not charge a buy/sell spread
Unit pricing frequency Daily
Distribution Frequency Annually (if any)

Meet the Portfolio Managers

The Janus Henderson Diversified Alternatives team is made up of 23 investment professionals situated in the UK, US and Australia. The team is responsible for $17.8 billion (as at 31 December 2022) in client assets and manages a range of investment solutions including multi-strategy, alternative risk premia, alpha capture and global commodities/managed futures.

David Elms
Head of Diversified Alternatives | Portfolio Manager
28 years of financial industry experience


Steve Cain
Portfolio Manager
32 years of financial industry experience