Investment Trusts

We invest in wide range of countries, sectors and assets to provide investors with choice, diversity and opportunity.

Janus Henderson Investment Trusts: Who We Are


Janus Henderson looks after 13 different investment trusts and investment companies with assets valued at £8bn
(sources: AIC as at 31st January 2020).

Truly active management with long term horizons

Global investment team with regional and specialist expertise

Mix of income, capital growth and total return-focused strategies


Past performance is not a guide to future performance.


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AGMs live

Watch our Fund Managers present on our Investment Trusts' performance over the last financial year and their outlook for the coming months.


How to find the good in the bad

March 30, 2020

Laura Foll, Fund Manager for Lowland Investment Company, addresses investor questions; discussing market volatility and how the Trust has fared in the opening months of the year.

A time to remain cautious but look for long-term opportunities

March 27, 2020

David Smith, Fund Manager for Henderson High Income Trust, provides an update on portfolio activity and discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

How to weather the COVID-19 storm

March 27, 2020

Ben Lofthouse, Portfolio Manager, discusses why he believes diversification is key in dealing with uncertainly and where he and the team are finding the best opportunities amidst market volatility.


Insight into some of the most commonly misunderstood features of investment trusts including premiums vs. discounts, gearing, independent boards, revenue reserve and active vs. passive investments.