Further to our last update on 31 May 2022, we are pleased to confirm that for non-Janus Henderson ISA investors (ISA investors should see below), we have instructed payment to return monies to you. If we have your bank details on file, monies should be received by you on 22 June 2022. Otherwise, a cheque will be posted to you and you should receive it shortly thereafter. Details of the final price achieved will be included in the contract note that we will also send to you.

Reminder for Janus Henderson ISA Investors only

Please be reminded that for investors who held the Fund in the Janus Henderson ISA, we will retain the redemption proceeds within the ISA for a period of up to six months (expiring 28 October 2022). This will preserve the ISA status of the proceeds and allow you sufficient time to decide what to do next.

If you held the Fund in the Janus Henderson ISA and haven’t yet confirmed your instructions to us, we need you to review and complete a form of direction, available from this link https://www.janushenderson.com/download/document/134947. This sets out the options available to you and the actions you may need to take.

If you do not provide instructions to us by 21 October 2022, your proceeds will be returned to you and you will lose your ISA status on that amount.

We thank you again for your patience whilst we concluded the sale of the Fund’s property assets. We believe the combination of the speed with which we have been able to return money to you and the price achieved in selling the properties represents a good outcome for investors given the uncertainties and future concerns that we had for the Funds.