For financial professionals in the UK

The Art of WOW 

Driving extreme client loyalty

All financial professionals want loyal clients. But there are usually obstacles to achieving that, such as time constraints, regulatory change and competition in the market.

The Art of WOW is both a philosophy and a series of strategies designed to help you turn satisfied clients into loyal clients, even in the most challenging circumstances. Designed by Janus Henderson in partnership with client experience expert and author Dr. Joseph Michelli, this programme helps you systemise “WOW” across your business, so that you cultivate total loyalty among existing clients and attract new business.

Our experienced business coaches can deliver highly effective presentations and workshops on The Art of WOW to UK financial professionals. For further information, please email or contact your Janus Henderson sales representative.


Helping you and your business

In offering the Art of WOW, we have three main aims:

  • To help financial professionals better understand their clients and meet their needs
  • To help Janus Henderson better understand and help the end investor
  • To enhance the quality of the service end investors receive

Sharing expert insight for better investment and business decisions is part of our Knowledge Shared ethos.