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Document Name Date Document Type
01/01/2023 PRIIP KID EN
01/12/2022 Dealing Day Schedule EN
29/12/2022 Shareholder Notice EN
01/01/2023 PRIIP KID EN
01/01/2021 Proxy Votes EN
02/11/2022 Annual Report EN
30/06/2022 Annual Report EN
31/05/2022 Annual Report EN
30/09/2022 Proxy Votes EN
12/10/2022 Shareholder Notice EN
10/08/2023 Additional Information Document EN
24/05/2022 Proxy Votes EN
31/12/2021 UK Reportable Income EN
30/04/2022 Annual Report EN
28/02/2022 Half Year Report EN
28/09/2022 Proxy Votes EN
31/07/2022 Annual Report EN
30/06/2023 Fund Commentary EN
14/08/2023 Proxy Votes EN
30/06/2023 Fund Commentary EN