Retirement cake 50 years

How to Beat the Big 5-Oh

Reaching the Big 5-0 is a watershed moment. It's when many of us realise that retirement isn’t a distant reality but is something we should start investing for now. That’s why we refer to it as the Big 5-Oh.

So start your retirement planning now. It’s got to be better than waiting for the Big 6-Oh-No – when you realise you’ve left it too late.

On this hub, you'll find a selection of helpful resources to support you every step of the way.

Because smart retirement planning starts with you - and Janus Henderson.

Retirement Investor Insights: Hear from James

James talks about how he manages his pension with the help for a professional advisor, and touches on the challenges involved in managing a pension as a self-employed individual. Produced in partnership with Steps to Investing.

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Retirement Investor Insights: Hear from Mike

Mike reflects on his professional working life and talks about how he sought professional advice to understand the intricacies of pensions from a tax perspective, Mike also touches on how he is managing his pension in retirement. Produced in partnership with Steps to Investing.

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Retirement Investor Insights: Hear from Ji

Ji talks about how she looked after her different types of work pension as she transitioned from working for an employer to being self-employed. Ji also provides a top tip for younger people starting out in the working world. Produced in partnership with Steps to Investing.

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The Smart Retirement Planning Series: Episode 4 – Which Investment Trust is right for me?

In this concluding episode of our Smart Retirement Planning Series of podcasts, we explore Janus Henderson Investment Trusts. Investment trusts are one of the best-kept secrets in investing – listen now to find out what they are, how they could deliver growth and/or income, and how to invest in them.

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The Smart Retirement Planning Series: Episode 3 – Why Investment Trusts are a good idea

In this episode, we talk to Financial Advisor Lisa Conway Hughes about the different saving options for retirement, the tax benefits they bring, and the sort of assets people should be looking at when they reach the Big 5-0. We also talk to James De Sausmarez, Director and Head of Investment Trusts at Janus Henderson about one of the best kept secrets in the investing world – investment trusts.

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Everything you need to know about investing for income or growth for retirement

When you consider that retirement can last for 20, 30, 40 years or more, making the right investment choices becomes essential. In our previous article, Good investments for retirement, we examined different ways to invest in your retirement. This article looks at key strategies you might want to consider, mainly investing for growth or income or a combination of both.

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The Smart Retirement Planning Series: Episode 2 – Moving from thinking to doing

Retirement will probably be one of the most significant events you go through in your life – so it’s not something you should leave to chance. However, knowing what to expect from retirement, working out how much you’ll need, and how to get there isn’t always easy.

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Good investments for retirement

Our previous article ‘8 steps to Smart Retirement Planning’ focused on the retirement journey. Once you’ve worked out where you are now and what you’ll need, it’s time to take a closer look at specific investments for retirement.

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About Janus Henderson Investment Trusts

There are many ways of investing for retirement, and investment trusts are one of the most popular choices.

At Janus Henderson we have a range of 12 different investment trusts, with total assets valued at £9.3 billion.* We invest in a wide range of countries, sectors and assets to provide investors with choice, diversity and opportunity. Whether you’re looking for capital growth or income (or a blend of both), there’s a wide range to choose from.

Our expert fund managers have proven track records both regionally and globally, and actively manage our investment trusts to provide the best long-term returns we can for our investors.

Find out more about each of our trusts, their performance and strategies:

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* Source: The Association of Investment Companies (AIC), 30 September 2021