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Why Invest


Henderson Far East Income Limited

Why invest

Maximizing the growing opportunities for high income across Asia Pacific

Henderson Far East Income Limited looks to maximise the growing opportunities for high-income investing in the Asia-Pacific market.

Driven by a blend of regional expertise and domestic oversight from fund manager Sat Duhra, supported by our Asia ex Japan Income Equity Team – the trust offers exposure to valuable, cash-generating opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market, reinforced by Janus Henderson Investors’ analyst team based in the region.

Combining regional expertise with the benefits of the investment trust structure – including dividend smoothing and gearing – Henderson Far East Income Limited aims to provide investors with a differentiated source of dividend income, and the opportunity to benefit from the growth potential in the Asia Pacific region.

Marketing Communication. Past performance does not predict future returns. The value of an investment and the income from it may go down as well as up and you may lose the amount originally invested. Past performance can be viewed here.

Why choose Henderson Far East Income?

Focused on offering income

Combining the diversified and growing opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region with the benefits of the investment trust structure, Henderson Far East Income Limited has a proven track record of delivering high and growing dividends to its investors*.

Find the potential of the Asia-Pacific

As the economies of APAC and the companies within them are maturing, the ability and scope for companies to pay dividends as well as grow has increased. The trust aims to benefit the often overlooked evolving income growth potential of the region.

Make the most of emerging sectors

Many industries considered advanced by investors are still at earlier stages in their lifecycle within the Asia-Pacific region, representing a clear opportunity for growth. The managers target developing industries, including infrastructure, tech, renewable energy and financial services on a country by country basis, to make the most of the growth potential across the region.

A distinct approach to sourcing income opportunities

Henderson Far East Income Limited uses a range of tools to generate yield for investors, including investment trust-specific capabilities such as gearing. The expertise of local analysts and in-region managers, combined with the global resources of Janus Henderson Investors, allows the trust to proactively identify resilient, cash-generating companies in the region.

Manager’s perspective

Sat Duhra, Portfolio Manager for Henderson Far East Income Limited, uses a disciplined approach to aim to identify sustainable, cash-generating opportunities from across APAC.

“If you think about the kinds of traditional income stocks in Asia such as utilities or infrastructure they’re actually still a lot more exciting than those in the West. Even what should be the boring high income sectors have some interesting growth stories beneath them.”

– Sat Duhra, Portfolio Manager

Ready to invest?

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