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Henderson High Income Trust plc

Board Member

Jonathan Silver

Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee

Jonathan Silver

Date of Appointment
2 January 2019 (appointed as Chairman of the Audit & Risk Committee on 8 May 2019)

Skills and Experience
Jonathan is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. He has held various senior financial positions throughout his career, including 21 years as Chief Financial Officer on the main Board of Laird plc from 1994 until 2015.

Jonathan is a qualified accountant and therefore brings financial and accounting skills and experience to the Board. He is an experienced non-executive director and in particular brings previous investment trust experience and leadership skills to the Board from his former and current roles as Chief Financial Officer of Laird plc, and as Audit Committee Chairman of Invesco Income and Growth Trust plc and Spirent Communications plc. Jonathan has recent and relevant financial experience, a
principal requirement for the composition of an Audit Committee under the UK Corporate Governance Code. The Board also believes this experience is fundamental to an effective Board.

External Appointments
Jonathan is a non-executive director of Baillie Gifford China Growth Trust plc and a nonexecutive director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Spirent Communications plc, a position he has held since 2015. Jonathan is also a non-executive director and Audit Committee Chair of East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.