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Why invest


Henderson High Income Trust plc

Why invest

The straightforward approach to UK high income investing

Henderson High Income Trust is an investment with a clear objective – providing a dependable high source of income while also allowing for capital growth.

The portfolio offers a unique blend of UK-focussed equities and bonds. This aims to achieve the best possible combination of dividend income and dividend growth whilst maintaining potential for capital growth.

With informed decision-making backed up by independent oversight from the board of directors, Henderson High Income Trust has proven over the years to be appropriately named – because, while nobody can guarantee what kind of performance the future holds, the trust can demonstrate a longstanding track record of high income, dividend growth and outperformance above the benchmark.

Marketing Communication. Past performance does not predict future returns. The value of an investment and the income from it may go down as well as up and you may lose the amount originally invested. Past performance can be viewed here.

Why choose Henderson High Income Trust?

A single place for equities and bonds

A comprehensive solution for equities and fixed-income investments means an extra layer of diversification to help support the dependability and level of income. The trust typically comprises a roughly 80-20 blend of UK equities and bonds, spread across different market cap sizes, bond grades and types. Henderson High Income helps to make sophisticated investing accessible to everyone .

A straightforward way to invest for income

A portfolio aiming to offer consistent high income from investments in the UK, with the potential for modest capital and dividend growth on top. For the trust’s portfolio manager, a successful long-term ‘high income’ strategy means prioritising what’s realistic and achievable, as well as what’s attractive.

Informed decision-making at every step

Henderson High Income is managed by David Smith, supported by Janus Henderson Investors’ broader equity and fixed income teams. The trust’s structure allows for a balance of independence and collaboration and gives the manager the freedom to perform deep analysis of individual stocks to identify those on attractive valuations. The manager’s decisions are backed by the oversight of the board of directors and the resources of a global asset management company.

Manager's perspective

David Smith, Fund Manager for Henderson High Income Trust, allocates to both equities and fixed-income assets based on the strength of individual stocks and bonds. He looks for good quality undervalued UK companies, whether small, medium or large, with strong balance sheets that can sustainably grow profits, cash flow and dividends.

“A trust with a unique structure that aims to deliver exactly what the name suggests: providing a high level of income to shareholders.”

– David Smith, Fund Manager

Ready to invest?

Head to our How to Invest page now to find out how to add Henderson High Income Trust to your ISA, SIPP, or whichever investment account or wrapper you use to invest.


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