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The City of London Investment Trust AJ Bell Investor Seminar


Henderson High Income Trust plc

Board Member

Zoe King

Senior Independent Director

Zoe King

Date of Appointment
1 April 2016 (appointed Senior Independent Director on 23 June 2020)

Skills and Experience
Zoe was formerly Vice President at Merrill Lynch Mercury Asset Management and a Fund Manager at Foreign & Colonial Investment Management. She graduated from Oxford University in 1994.

Zoe is an experienced investment professional and a director of Evelyn Partners Investment Management Limited, which ensures that her fund management skills and knowledge remain up to date. Zoe utilises her fund management background to bring an objective view to the Manager’s investment strategy and to challenge the Manager on investment decisions, while her years of experience in looking after the capital of individuals bring a shareholder’s perspective to Board discussions.

External Appointments
Zoe is a director of Evelyn Partners Investment Management Limited, specialising in the management of private client portfolios. She is also a member of the Trinity College Oxford Investment Committee, the Carvetian Capital Fund Investment Committee and the Stramongate S.A Shareholder Advisory Committee.