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Why invest


The Bankers Investment Trust PLC

Why invest

A sophisticated approach to global investing, made effortless

The Bankers Investment Trust has a long history of providing growth and income returns for its shareholders through the peaks and troughs of the economy and markets.

The trust aims to be a core portfolio holding for its shareholders by focusing on finding the best investment ideas globally in a bid to deliver capital growth and inflation-beating income over the long term.

The trust looks for the strongest opportunities across six regions, informed by the expertise and perspectives of specialist managers. Alex Crooke – the trust’s lead manager – has decades of global equity experience and brings together regional portfolios into a single, straightforward investment, offering shareholders unique access to local expertise without the need to individually allocate to these strategies.

The trust provides and effortless way to access a world of global equities, through a diversified and consistent approach to investing. An approach that has resulted in 57 years of consecutive dividend growth.*

Marketing Communication. Past performance does not predict future returns. The value of an investment and the income from it may go down as well as up and you may lose the amount originally invested. Past performance can be viewed here.

Why choose The Bankers Investment Trust?

Pragmatic stewards for our shareholders

The trust was founded in 1888 and this longevity is at its core. Its manager and board aim to be stewards of investors’ capital, offering a unique investment that focuses on value and consistency. The trust taps into the knowledge of over 340 investment professionals across Janus Henderson Investors, with regional experts informing its investments across the globe. This is supervised by the trust’s lead manager, Alex Crooke, who personally has over three decades of investing experience.

Meanwhile, the investment trust structure, including oversight by the trust’s independent board, ensures that the manager maintains a long-term perspective, with investors’ needs firmly centred.

Balanced global diversification

The trust draws on the expertise of a specialist manager in each of its six regions, with their strategies blended into the core portfolio by lead manager Alex Crooke. Investors get access to the perspectives of local experts, tailored to the region in which they invest.

As such, the trust aims to offer the benefits of allocating to each region within a single investment, simplifying global investing for its shareholders. This should create a core portfolio holding for investors, focused on trying to deliver a consistent return from global equities.

The importance of delivering consistent value

While drawing on the expertise of its local experts, at the core of Bankers’ approach is an emphasis on sourcing companies with attractive cash generation. This cash allows companies to invest in themselves, which may in turn fuel future growth and ultimately drive dividends upwards – which the trust can then pass on to shareholders.

On the side of shareholders

The trust also seeks to add value in its ongoing charges, which the board has aimed to keep at among the lowest in its sector. The board also works for shareholders when it comes to income, prudently using reserves to ensure that the dividend has grown even through challenging economic periods.

Manager's perspective

Alex Crooke, Fund Manager of The Bankers Investment Trust, works with an expert team of regional experts to build a truly global portfolio.

“From its founding in 1888, Bankers was created to give smaller investors access to global investment opportunities, lowering the cost of investment and managed by professional investors. We’re still following those principles today. Our portfolio managers are experts in their markets, investing locally and seeking the best opportunities to grow both income and capital.”

– Alex Crooke, Fund Manager

Ready to invest?

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