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Portfolio Construction and Strategy Team

The Portfolio Construction and Strategy (PCS) Team performs customized analyses on advisor portfolios, providing differentiated, data-driven diagnostics. From a diverse universe of hundreds of models emerge trends, themes and potential opportunities in portfolio construction that we believe will be interesting and beneficial to any investor. Through guidance from our expert team, advisors may build more resilient client portfolios through deep performance/risk model analysis and unique investment insights.

The PCS team is led by Adam Hetts, CFA. Prior to joining Janus Henderson in 2017, Mr. Hetts held various roles at Goldman Sachs, including Vice President, Senior Portfolio Strategist, in which he led efforts in the U.S. and Asia Pacific regions. While at Goldman, he also worked with Principle Strategies, a proprietary hedge fund, and as a corporate strategist within Asset Management. He has 12 years of financial industry experience.

Mr. Hetts and his team of strategists are a resource to our clients to deconstruct, analyze and reconstruct their portfolios to help identify risks and deliver results on target with their investors’ long-term objectives.