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Our belief that shared expertise is capable of delivering stronger risk-adjusted returns is the foundation of our flexible approach to fixed income.

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Our teams retain flexibility within a disciplined construct, resulting in individual strategies as well as custom-blended solutions – all within a rigorous risk management framework.


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Fixed income investment

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As at March 31, 2023.

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We talk a lot in this industry about beating a client benchmark, but for me there is only one true benchmark and that is client expectations. This often differs from client to client and it is our job to have a philosophy of being high conviction and active in our approach.

Jim Cielinksi
Global Head of Fixed Income

Featured strategies



Provides exposure to the high-quality, floating rate CLO market in a liquid, transparent manner.


Multi-Sector Income Fund

For investors seeking a steady stream of high income with lower risk than a dedicated high-yield strategy.


Flexible Bond Fund

A flexible core plus fixed income portfolio that leverages a research-driven investment process in seeking to identify the best opportunities across fixed income sectors.


Can multisector make sense for a core bond allocation?

Considering a multisector approach for a core bond allocation.

Late to the party: Are the best of money market returns behind us?

The potential benefits of moving out of money market funds into duration assets as the Fed ends its rate-hiking cycle.

The debt ceiling battle: When politics and debt don’t mix

The implications for financial markets as concern mounts over the looming U.S. debt ceiling.

Fixed income perspectives

Quarterly insight from our fixed income teams to help clients navigate the markets and opportunities ahead.


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