In a market flooded with fixed income exchange-traded funds (ETFs)


Our ETFs provide access to a broad range of fixed income sectors, enabling advisors to better align portfolios with clients' overall income and risk tolerance objectives.

For investors looking for a fund that seeks to generate yield above money markets while maintaining high-quality benefits.

JAAA seeks higher yield without sacrificing quality or extending duration.

For investors looking for a fund that aims to maximize yield in a floating rate strategy.

JBBB seeks to generate yields above high-yield corporates with lower default risk by investing primarily in investment-grade CLOs.

For investors looking for a fund that seeks to capitalize on a higher front-end rates with marginal additional risk vs cash.

VNLA seeks to provide attractive returns over cash by investing in investment-grade corporate bonds with an unwavering focus on capital preservation.

For investors seeking a fund that aims to generate income and provide insulation during material risk-off environments.

JMBS provides exposure to agency MBS which has historically provided low correlation to both corporate credit and equities.

For investors looking for a fund that aims to maximize long-term returns and income potential.

SCRD aims to generate strong excess returns and income through direct exposure to U.S. investment grade corporate bonds.

For investors looking for income diversification and higher yield.

JSI aims to generate income with lower drawdown risk by actively allocating to high-quality best ideas across the U.S. securitized market.

Leverage our ETF specialists

With a deep understanding of exchange-traded funds, our ETF Client Product Specialists can provide strategic guidance on implementation and portfolio construction.

Dan Aronson
Sr. Director, ETP Client Product Specialist

Craig Dehner
Director, ETP Client Product Specialist

Lee Gross
Director, ETP Client Product Specialist

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