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JSI Securitized Income ETF

Aims to generate high income through exposure to best ideas across the U.S. securitized market

As of 12/08/2023

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As of 12/08/2023

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As of 12/08/2023


About This ETF

An ETF investing in high-quality, best ideas across the U.S. Securitized Market. We aim to capitalize on these opportunities through active asset allocation and rigorous yield per unit of risk analysis.

Why Invest in this ETF

Underrepresented opportunities
Offers direct access to the growing and complex securitized market often underrepresented in fixed income benchmarks.

Income diversification
Helps diversify a traditional fixed income portfolio, by potentially reducing credit risk, dampening overall duration, and increasing average credit quality.

Best ideas
Rigorous yield per unit of risk analysis designed to identify best ideas across the securitized opportunity set.


John Kerschner, CFA

Head of US Securitised Products | Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1990. Joined Firm in 2010.

Nick Childs, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2003. Joined Firm in 2017.


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Index represents the Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index

Top Holdings (As of 12/08/2023)
% of Fund
Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac|3|01/16/2024, 3.00%, 01/16/24 4.38
Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac|4|01/16/2024, 4.00%, 01/16/24 3.88
Fannie Mae - CAS|8.87809|10/25/2043, 8.88%, 10/25/43 3.28
Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac|2.5|01/16/2024, 2.50%, 01/16/24 2.92
Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac|5|01/16/2024, 5.00%, 01/16/24 2.90
Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac|5.5|01/16/2024, 5.50%, 01/16/24 2.89
Cedar Funding XI Clo Ltd|8.3655|05/29/2032, 8.37%, 05/29/32 2.85
LL ABS Trust 2021-1|1.07|05/15/2029, 1.07%, 05/15/29 2.60
Bain Capital Credit CLO 2020-5 Ltd|7.22743|01/20/2032, 7.23%, 01/20/32 2.45
Woodward Capital Management|7.463|11/25/2043, 7.46%, 11/25/43 2.40
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