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Explore the latest insights from our investment teams on a variety of topics.

Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives: No One’s Listening to the Bond Markets


Bond markets are once again sending a message on rates. Is anyone listening?

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Global Perspectives: The Case for REITs in the Economic Recovery


Beyond the economic reopening, many areas of the real estate sector are benefiting from secular trends that could drive long-term inflation-offsetting growth.

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Come on Down: Is Inflation Priced Right?


A discussion on the direction of inflation and some of the potential pitfalls in traditional “inflation protection” tools.

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Global Perspectives: The Outlook for Tech through the Economic Reopening


How different segments of the tech sector will likely be impacted through each phase of the global economic reopening and recovery.

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Reflation: Is This the Real Thing or Just Fantasy?


A lively discussion that goes against consensus, seeking to unearth the truth about what is really happening in the economy and the potential impact on bond markets.

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Building Robust Bond Portfolios in a Low-Rate World


A discussion of the challenges – and unique opportunities – associated with building bond portfolios in a world with historically low interest rates.

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High Yield: Passing the Baton from Beta to Alpha


With credit spreads gradually tightening, returns will likely become less about market direction (beta) and more about identifying individual opportunities (alpha).

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Global Perspectives: Are We in a Sweet Spot for Credit Investing?


A far-reaching fixed income discussion on credit market resilience, liquidity versus solvency risks, recovery prospects and the dilemma for central banks in 2021.

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