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Sales Charge Reductions and Waivers

There are several ways for sales charges to be reduced or waived. Please also refer to your prospectus or consult your financial intermediary for information.


An initial sales charge may apply to your purchase of Class A Shares of the Funds based on the amount invested, as set forth in the table below. The sales charge is allocated between Janus Henderson Distributors and your financial intermediary. Sales charges, as expressed as a percentage of offering price and as a percentage of your net investment, are shown in the table. The dollar amount of your initial sales charge is calculated as the difference between the public offering price and the net asset value ("NAV") of those shares. Since the offering price is calculated to two decimal places using standard rounding criteria, the number of shares purchased and the dollar amount of your sales charge as a percentage of the offering price and of your net investment may be higher or lower than the amounts set forth in the table depending on whether there was a downward or upward rounding.


Equity Funds

Under $50,000 6.10% 5.75%
$50,000 but under $100,000 4.71% 4.50%
$100,000 but under $250,000 3.63% 3.50%
$250,000 but under $500,000 2.56% 2.50%
$500,000 but under $1,000,000 2.04% 2.00%
$1,000,000 and above None None**

Fixed Income Funds (except Short-Term Bond Fund)

Under $50,000 4.99% 4.75%
$50,000 but under $100,000 4.71% 4.50%
$100,000 but under $250,000 3.63% 3.50%
$250,000 but under $500,000 2.56% 2.50%
$500,000 but under $1,000,000 2.04% 2.00%
$1,000,000 and above None None**

Short-Term Bond Fund***

Under $50,000 2.56% 2.50%
$50,000 but under $100,000 2.30% 2.25%
$100,000 but under $250,000 2.04% 2.00%
$250,000 but under $500,000 1.52% 1.50%
$500,000 but under $1,000,000 1.01% 1.00%
$1,000,000 and above None None**

*Offering Price includes the initial sales charge.
**A contingent deferred sales charge of 1.00% may apply to Class A Shares purchased without an initial sales charge if redeemed within 12 months of purchase.
***A shareholder who exchanges shares into a Fund with a higher sales charge may be required to pay the new Fund's initial sales charge or the difference between the Fund's sales charge and the sales charge applicable to the new Fund.

For purchases of Class A Shares of $1,000,000 or greater, from its own assets, Janus Distributors may pay financial intermediaries commissions as follows:

1.00% on amounts of $1,000,000 but under $4,000,000;
0.50% on amounts of $4,000,000 but under $10,000,000;
0.25% on amounts of $10,000,000 and above.
The purchase totals eligible for these commissions are aggregated on a rolling one year basis so that the rate payable resets to the highest rate annually.

The price you pay for purchases of shares is the public offering price, which is the NAV next calculated after your request is received in good order by a Fund or its agents, plus, for Class A Shares, any applicable initial sales charge. The price you pay to sell shares is also the NAV, although for Class A Shares and Class C Shares, a contingent deferred sales charge may be taken out of the proceeds. Your financial intermediary may charge you a separate or additional fee for processing purchases and redemptions of shares. In order to receive a day's price, your order must be received in good order by a Fund or its agents by the close of the regular trading session of the NYSE.