Energy for Performance

Elite Performance in Practice


Based on 30 years of research by the Human Performance Institute, this workshop provides actionable tools used to stay focused on what matters most with a personalized plan to replenish and sustain your energy for a life of purpose, engagement and peak performance.


Here you'll learn actionable tools that you can use to manage your energy and stress, as well as help you build everyday rituals for success with Heidi Hanna, Ph.D., Performance and Wellness Coach for Knowledge Labs®.


Energy for Performance Program Overview
By Heidi Hannah, Ph.D., Performance and Wellness Coach for Knowledge Labs®


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What’s Your Stress LOAD?

Use this assessment to identify key areas of focus for your training program.

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Contact your Janus Henderson sales director about Energy for Performance and how to train for peak performance-at work and in life. Our program was developed in partnership with The Human Performance Institute's science-based approach based on more than 30 years of experience.

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This program isolates the core elements that build team chemistry with a flexible, ongoing curriculum that can enhance both individual and group mechanics.

Learn the critical components of brain health and training with this program, as well as help your clients create a personalized plan for training their brains like their bodies.

Use stress as an opportunity for growth by employing actionable tools to identify the sources of stress, our reactions to it and ways to manage it more productively.

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