The Art of WOW

Driving Extreme Client Loyalty


In partnership with client experience expert and author Dr. Joseph Michelli, this program helps you systemize "WOW" across your practice – helping you cultivate loyalty among existing clients and attract new business.

The Book of WOW

How well do you rate the client experience you create? Download The Book of WOW to learn how to drive deep client loyalty in a commoditized world.

What's in The Book of WOW?

  • Learn a step-by-step process that can turn high-value, affluent clients into your biggest fans
  • Find out how to create deeper connections with your clients with techniques to tailor your communications to resonate best with theirs
  • Discover how to spot key opportunities to deliver WOW experiences to your clients by creating meaning-making moments with what matters most to them

The Art of Wow Tool

An extension of The Art of WOW program, the tool is a one-stop library of unique WOW ideas to source personalized expressions of gratitude for clients.

  • Instant access to multitude of unique, creative, personalized ideas for clients (easy-to-use search tool)
  • Ideas centered on occasion and interest categories, sorted by price range, and details on where to find them
  • Add The Art of WOW tool on your personalized device as a Bookmark

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Next Steps

Contact your Janus Henderson sales director about The Art of WOW. Our program, designed to drive extreme client loyalty, was developed in partnership with Dr. Joseph Michelli, internationally recognized client experience expert and author of The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and The Starbucks Experience. Your Janus Henderson sales director is ready to help, contact us for more information.


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