The Book of WOW

A Practical and Inspirational Guide for Driving Extreme Client Loyalty

What’s in The Book of WOW?

  • Learn a step-by-step process that can turn high-value, affluent clients into your biggest fans
  • Find out how to create deeper connections with your clients with techniques to tailor your communications to resonate best with theirs
  • Discover how to spot key opportunities to deliver WOW experiences to your clients by creating meaning-making moments with what matters most to them

In our commoditized world, differentiating from competition is hard enough. For financial professionals, where the “product” is mostly intangible, it’s harder still.

At Janus Henderson, we designed Knowledge Labs to create resources that help financial professionals enhance their business. Our research-based insights and practical techniques are developed with the intent of honing expertise across multiple fronts. With this book, we hope you will find new inspiration—as you pursue stronger relationships with your clients.

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