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For Financial Professionals in the US

US SMID Cap Growth Managed Account

Our in-depth fundamental research strategy seeks differentiated small-cap companies with the potential to quickly grow into mid-size companies.



A moderately positioned, small-mid-cap growth portfolio seeking to provide consistent relative returns with lower volatility than the index. The portfolio invests in small-cap companies with differentiated business models and sustainable competitive advantages that are positioned to grow market share regardless of economic conditions.


Unique Business Models
Seeks small-cap companies that utilize their competitive advantages to grow over a multi-year time frame

Specialized Team
In-depth fundamental research supported by a team of analysts, a team of small-mid-cap specialists, and the portfolio management team

Moderate Approach to Growth
Focus on small companies with potential for quick growth and resilient business models positioned to weather various market environments


Jonathan Coleman, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1994. Joined Firm in 1994.

Scott Stutzman, CFA

Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Industry since 2001. Joined Firm in 2007.

Aaron Schaechterle

Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Industry since 2006. Joined Firm in 2022.