Uncertainty can shake any investor’s confidence and lead to costly mistakes. To overcome uncertainty, pursue fixed income.

Answers for an Uncertain World:

Janus Henderson Fixed Income

Our fixed income funds are designed to navigate uncertainty. Seek the consistency that only comes from deep fixed income experience.


Janus Henderson
Fixed Income Funds
Outperformed Their
Benchmark *

Based on I Shares/Institutional
Shares for the since inception
period as of 2/29/20

Click each fund's name for additional information, including current performance. Benchmark Inception Date
Absolute Return Income Opportunities Fund (Class I Shares) FTSE 3-Month US Treasury Bill Index 5/27/2014
Developed World Bond Fund (Class I Shares) BBgBarc Gbl Aggregate Credit Index (USD Hedged) 9/30/2003
Flexible Bond Fund (Class I Shares) BBgBarc U.S. Aggregate Bond Index 7/7/1987
Global Bond Fund (Class I Shares) BBgBarc Global Aggregate Bond Index 12/28/2010
High-Yield Fund (Class I Shares) BBgBarc U.S. Corporate High Yield Index 12/29/1995
Mortgage-Backed Securities ETF (@NAV) BBgBarc U.S. MBS Index 9/12/2018
Multi-Sector Income Fund (Class I Shares) BBgBarc U.S. Aggregate Bond Index 2/28/2014
Short Duration Income ETF (@NAV) FTSE 3-Month US Treasury Bill Index 11/16/2016
Short-Term Bond Fund (Class I Shares) BBgBarc U.S. Govt/Credit 1-3 Yr Index 9/1/1992
VIT Flexible Bond Portfolio (Institutional Shares) BBgBarc U.S. Aggregate Bond Index 9/13/1993

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