JHI brighter
future funds

For clients who want to invest for a purpose beyond risk and return, we have a suite of JHI Brighter Future Funds.

These funds consist of strategies that either focus on sustainability, through investing in various sustainability themes combined with ESG integration, or sustainability transition.

ESG focused portfolios

Across the industry, there are many different approaches to managed ESG-focused portfolios.
We consider the following strategies:


Leaders or best-in-class strategies

Invest in best-in-class companies that are leading the sustainable transition (e.g. consumer goods companies with strong environmental credentials).


Improvers or transitional strategies

Invest in companies whose activity is critical to transition (e.g. progressive oil majors)


Solutions or enablers strategies

Invest in companies that produce the goods and services of tomorrow (e.g. electric vehicle manufacturers).


Our investment teams regularly debate and share their thoughts on climate investing, the water crisis, natural capital, and more. Check out some highlights below.

Investing in clean technology for tomorrow’s renewable economy

The pace of investment in clean energy is fast outpacing fossil fuels, and it is forecast that renewable energy will become the largest source of global electricity by 2025.

Doing good, feeling good: How investors can benefit from the resources sector’s key role in decarbonization

Annual demand for critical minerals to support decarbonisation initiatives is set to nearly quadruple by 2040, according to the International Energy Agency.

Uncharted waters: How investors can help tackle the water crisis

On current trends, the UN predicts a 40% global shortfall in water supply by 2030, driven by growing global demand and climate change.