Janus Henderson
Corporate Debt Index

The Corporate Debt Index is a long-term study into trends in company indebtedness around the world, the investment opportunities this provides and the risks it presents.

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Companies around the world took on
of net new debt in 2022/23,

pushing the outstanding total up 6.2% on a constant-currency basis

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are backed by
record profits -

US$3.62 trillion

in 2022/23

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is back

- median yield on investment-grade bonds was

4.9% by May,

up from 4.1% a year ago

All figures in US dollars, unless otherwise stated. As of September 30, 2023


Bond A bond is parcel of debt. By buying a bond, investors give money to a borrower, usually for a fixed term and for a fixed rate of interest. Bonds can be bought and sold on financial markets, and the value changes over time with varying market conditions.

Janus Henderson Corporate Debt Index, Edition 4