Whether it's insights on retirement investing, strategies for building wealth, understanding your investment options or big-picture views on the markets and economy, Janus Henderson wants investors to be well-informed about the current issues and offer perspectives to help.


From a new baby to the passing of a loved one, life changes require updates to your Janus Henderson accounts.

Here’s a simple checklist to help make your transition smooth.

Say “I Do” to a new financial future.

Need help welcoming a new child into your financial life? Janus Henderson can help.

Create a powerful new future for your finances. Here are four ways to start.

Establish an Authorized Trader who can make changes to your account on your behalf.

Gain greater clarity and confidence as you navigate the financial decisions ahead.


Be better equipped to reduce your tax burden and remain in good standing with the IRS.

Learn about common supplemental tax documents that may be useful when preparing your federal, state and local tax returns.

Through understanding mutual funds and taxes you can know what tax obligations you need to participate in and factor those costs into your strategy.

When it comes to taxes, being informed can help you plan and prepare. Tax forms are used to report certain transactions to the IRS.

An important tax-planning consideration is a potential year-end dividend or capital gain payments. Find out about these fund distributions here.

Cost basis is simply the original value, or purchase price, of an asset for tax purposes. Knowing cost basis can be useful in calculating taxable gains.

Estate planning is one of the pillars of personal finance, regardless of your net worth. A proper plan can protect you and the people you love.

Find out the most frequently asked tax form questions such as when and how you will receive tax forms, how to order duplicates and more.


Learn smart investment strategies and how mutual funds work.

Learn the basics of mutual fund investing for retirement, education and wealth creation with Janus Henderson.

Learn how mutual funds work and why they are a good choice for many investors.

With the right personal goal-setting and education, you can easily gain confidence and begin your approach to investing and building a sound portfolio.


Identify a clear path to your post-workforce dreams with tools and tips for smart retirement strategies.

Get started with retirement planning and investing with Janus Henderson.

As you are approaching retirement, you may have lots of questions. It’s time to get realistic about big concerns. Read more on how to plan for retirement.

The retirement landscape is changing. It’s more important than ever to be vigilant with your retirement strategy. Read the four critical steps to take.

Looking for help with your retirement account? Here you’ll find information on transfers, rollovers, contributions, withdrawals, account types, taxes and more.

Get a clear picture of your retirement goals and estimate how much you should save with the Janus Henderson Retirement Planner.


Learn how to estimate the costs of higher education, set realistic goals and save for college.

Create a blueprint and maximize the potential to meet your college savings goal.

Now that you are nearing college age, it’s time to start getting smart about expenses and cash flow. There are a few last-minute tactics you can use.

After college graduation, you’re transitioning to adult life. If you paid for college personally or with loans, it’s time to think about the next chapter.

Use the College Planner to assess tuition and fees, room and board and other expenses for a variety of colleges and universities across the U.S.

Tools And Calculators

Powerful tools and calculators inform your investment decisions - from college to retirement.

The Janus Henderson Required Minimum Distribution Calculator helps you understand how much and when you need to withdraw assets from your IRA account.

Whether it’s saving for a home, vacation, child or other major life expense, Janus Henderson wants to help you get there.

Get a clear picture of your retirement goals and estimate how much you should save with the Janus Henderson Retirement Planner.

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