Transfer an IRA

A transfer of assets is the movement of retirement assets between similar account types (e.g. IRA to IRA account) with the same owner unless the transfer is due to death or divorce. There are no limits on the number of transfers you can do between retirement accounts. A transfer of assets is not a tax-reportable event because the assets are transferred directly between institutions without the owner taking receipt.

Is a Transfer of Assets right for you?

A transfer of assets is an appropriate method for moving retirement assets if you:

  • Own more than one IRA
  • Are moving an IRA more than once in a 12-month period
  • Prefer not to report the movement of assets on your tax return

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Transfer My IRA to Janus Henderson

You've decided you want to transfer your IRA assets from another company to a Janus Henderson account.

If you already own an existing IRA for your transfer all you have to do is download the IRA Transfer Form and send it to Janus Henderson or visit the IRA Center to initiate the transfer. We will take care of the rest.

If you need to open a new IRA account at Janus Henderson, please download and complete the IRA application or open an account online today.

If you have questions, call a Janus Henderson Retirement Specialist at 800.525.1093. We are happy to help.

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What Is a Direct Rollover?

A direct rollover is the movement of retirement assets from an employer-sponsored qualified retirement plan into another eligible retirement plan when the employee has a triggering event, such as a separation of service or attainment of normal retirement age.