A regional equity fund that seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation primarily through investment in European companies. The management team applies a high-conviction approach, with a focus on opportunities that offer material upside potential, regardless of style.


Flexible Style

We believe that the best way to make money for investors is by constructing a portfolio of high-conviction stock ideas, regardless of market cap or style constraints. The Fund seeks to invest in an unconstrained manner wherever the most compelling opportunities exist.

Bottom-Up Stock Selection

There are thousands of listed equities in Europe, many of which have little or no analyst coverage. We believe this creates pricing inefficiencies that can be exploited through bottom-up stock picking.

Dedicated European Experts

The Fund is managed by Robert Schramm-Fuchs, a member of Janus Henderson’s 12-strong Pan European Equities team. The team includes large-, mid- and small-cap specialists, has over 200 years of combined industry experience and conducts several hundred company meetings every year.